Little Guys Scores

Results of Games Played Tuesday October 21, 2014

Wildcats 15
(Ben Campeau 9, Nic Campeau 2, Brody McCullaugh 2, Conor Murphy 2)
Jayhawks 15
(Evan Warren 4, Aidan Homer 4, Ciaran Evans 3, Camden Szumlanski 2, Jacob Stelter 2)

Tarheels 14
(Dylan Carter 6, Logan Lindo 2, Jack Burt 2, Noah Chin 2, Sam Splinter 2)
Mustangs 12
(Matti Soraka 4, Pierre Offredi 4, Nathan Russell 2, Ethan Dennis

Wolfpack 36
(Quentin Avery 8, Jake Playter 8, Brandon Tenenhouse 6, Owen Pitcher Bond 4, Max Sotiriodis 4, Aidan Moorhead 4, Zachary Flake 2)
Huskies 10
(Antonio Cabral 6, Alexander Circelli 2, Noah Hill 2)

Rebels 40
(Zach Corby 14, Brendan Dalton 12, Hunter Freeman 8, Nigel Flynn 4, Jacob Freeman 2)
Hoosiers 12
(Matthew Mignault 6, Emmitt Irwin 2, Joshua Barnes 2, Sam Stymest 2)

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Queen’s PA Day Camps

We received this today from Queen’s University

“Hello Everyone

Queen’s University is now offering PA Day camps for 5 – 13 year olds. Children will be engaged in a variety of sports and games as well as a free swim. Drop your child off at the Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC) at 8:30am (sign in begins) and pick up your child at 4:30pm (sign out ID required). Pack a lunch and the canteen will be open for extras.

The dates we are offering the new PA Day camps are:
Monday October 27
Friday November 28
Friday May 22

The cost for the camp is 50.00 per day or 130.00 for all three days. You can register online at:

Have your child bring a friend along for a fun day of activity! Looking forward to seeing you!

Lisa Eyles
Varsity Clubs and Camps
Queen’s University”

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60th Anniversary Items Available

The following 60th Anniversary clothing items are available for immediate purchase:
T-Shirts – 3 Youth Medium Long Sleeve; 6 Youth Large Long Sleeve; 5 Adult Small Long Sleeve – Cost $20 each – Available at the St.Pat’s Canteen on game nights

Golf Shirts – 5 men’s large; 1 men’s Extra Large – cost $40 – Contact Roland Billings

Touques – $15 – available at the St. Pat’s Canteen on game nights

Pins – $5 – available at the St. Pat’s canteen on game nights

The special order T shirts have been ordered and should be available in early November. We will announce on Facebook and the web site when they arrive so that you can have your money available for the Merchandise Sales Team when they come back with the order. Thanks for your support.

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Biddy Scores

Results of Games Played Monday October 20, 2014

Cavaliers 32 (Dustin Tye 8, Chistopher Kerstens 6, Joshua Haberer 6, Josh Tan 4, Micah Eckert 4, Ethan Gagnon 2, Finn Ferrall 2); Vikings 32 (Anthony Couto 9, Hunter Munroe 6, Zachary Sinclair 5, Jack Mason 4, Thomas Medeiros 4, Isaac Couto 2, Noah Kulich 2)

Tarheels 36 (Sam Playter 14, Matthew Sutton 10, Cole Carter 4, Ben Mignault 4, Sam Rego 2, Cameron McParlan 2); Raptors 14 (Sam Forsythe 6, Ryota Udo 2, Griffin Santyr 2, Shota Udo 2, Frederick Clarke 2)

Ravens 29 (Braiden Clarke 10, Hunter Ferguson 9, Ethan Albrough 4, Lucas Almeida 2, Skylar Bowers 2, Aidan Tulk 2); Magic 28 (Grady McAuley 14, Noah Thomas-Homer 8, Chris Saunders 4, Connor MacDonald 2)

Grizlies 20 (Jack Thurlby 8, Zachary Cota 5, Carter Allen 3, Christian Deslauriers 2, Caden Badour 2); Suns 15 (Davin Deptuck 4, Jed Milner 2, Sam Condilyn- Pratt 2, Jared Gibbons 2, Tom Fredericks 2, Zachary Carson 2, Ben Spicer 1)

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Graduate Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday October 20, 2014
Warriors 42
(Carlos Ramirez 11, Spencer Goodfellow 10, Liam McIlroy 5, Noah Cabrera 4, Ethan Gillies-Smith 4, Nicholas Elliott 2, Tristan Fernandes 2, Ethan Brazeau 2, Edem Afidenyo 2)
Bulls 59
(Danny O’Connnor 20, Trevor Kirby 8, Finster Jerrod 8, Rayan Haque 6, Liam Cregg 5, Cameron Hoekstra 5, Emmett Cregg 4, Ben Morris 2, John Barraquid 1, Jack Selkirk 1)

Heat 33
(Ethan Cahill 8, Nicholas Vallier 8, Simon Cotes-Lemery 6, Griffin
Sutherland 5, Zach O’Grady 2, Alan Cotes-Lemery 2, Gordon Mathers 2)
Sixers 49
(Mason Jonassen 11, Isaiah Samuels 8, Damian Bark 8, Michael Roswell 6, Dorian Dressler 6, Tyler Badour 4, Elijah Brown-Marto 2, Joshua Noble 2, Austin Avery 2)

Celtics 66
(Michael Donaldson 19, Kai Ferrall 14, Jacob Corby 9, Zachary Deir 6, Casey Irvin 5, Joshua Lewis 4, Noah Cabral 4, Cameron Ducharme 3, Jonathan J. Murphy 2)
Hawks 36
(Kris Rances 10, Kenneth Rances 10, Kelvin Rances 6, Johnathan C. Murphy 4, Jack MacDonald 2, Finn Watson 2, Miguel Roque 2)

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Reflections on the League

The 60th Anniversary of the league is a significant milestone for us, and as part of our celebrations we want to collect the reflections of current and former players, parents, helpers and coaches about their experiences with the league, and the people around it. If you want to send your comments electronically, you can send them to, or if you would rather write them out, they can be mailed to Roland at 31 Ellerbeck Street, or they can be dropped off at the St. Pat’s canteen. At our reunion gathering at the Grizzly Grill November 8 we will have paper and pens available if you want to write something to us then.

Recording and maintaining the history of our league is important to us, and along with the recording the winners of trophies and photos of players every year, it is important to capture impressions that people have had. We would like your thoughts by November 30, but if you don’t want to wait until the last minute, that is okay with us!

Please share this request with your networks as well to help spread the word. Thanks!!

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Knights of Columbus Basketball League Week in Kingston

As has already been reported, November 3-8 2014 is “Knights of Columbus Basketball League Week” in the City of Kingston. In celebration of that recognition, and our 60 years of operation, we have several events planned.

November 3-6 – Stop by the gym for a visit and to see a game. We will have special promotional activity, as well as local dignitaries on hand for the games. These will be special celebration nights in all divisions.

Saturday November 8 – Alumni Two Ball Tournament – from 1-4 pm at St. Pat’s we welcome back former players, coaches and helpers to participate in a two ball tournament. Teams of two shoot alternate shots at opposite ends of the court from numbered mats and the team with the highest score at the end of one minute advances. There is no gender separation in the draw, and we will of course, accept challenge matches as the day moves along. This is always great fun for the current players, and we are hoping that some past champions will come back along with those that played before we started this event. To enter your team, contact Paul Medeiros, Roland Billings or Jeff Hoekstra.

Saturday November 8 – Celebrate 60 years of fun at the Grizzly Grill with us! From 6-10 pm we will be hosting a drop in for former players, helpers, coaches and supporters at the Grizzly Grill to celebrate this milestone season. Cost to attend is $10, with all monies collected going to the league operations. We will have a special slide show playing all evening, door prizes and snacks, along with trivia questions and a draw for a special Don “Pete” Petersen autographed basketball. This will be a fun evening, a chance to meet up with old friends, and a chance for the current executive to thank you all for being a part of the Knights of Columbus Basketball League family.

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Queen’s University Basketball Schedule

With former players from the league playing on both the men’s and the women’s teams we wanted to share the Queen’s basketball Schedule with you. In all cases, the women play at 6 pm and the men at 8 pm.

November 14 Waterloo
November 15 Wilfred Laurier
November 26 York
November 28 Algoma

January 9 Nipissing
January 10 Laurentian
January 23 Toronto
January 24 Ryerson
February 13 Carleton
February 14 Ottawa

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Biddy Division Scores

Results of Games Played Friday October 17, 2014

Grizzlies 24 (Jack Thurlby 14, Kristian Circelli 6, Caden Badour 4); Magic 22 (Grady McAuley 12, Chris Saunders 4, Ollie Take 2, Johnathan Thomas Murphy 2, Jackson Lafontaine 2)

Raptors 28 (Ryota Udo 7, Griffin Santyr 5, Samuel Forsythe 4, Frederick Clarke 4, Michael Reid 4, William Becker 2, Ben McGinnis 2); Ravens 24 (Hunter Ferguson 14, Ethan AlBrough 4, Lucas Almeida 2, Skylar Bowers 2, Aidan Tulk 2)

Cavaliers 45 (Jude Wheeler Dee 12; Chistopher Kerstens 8, Finn Ferrall 6, Josh Tan 5, Dustin Tye 4, Ethan Gagnon 4, Micah Eckert 4, Joshua Haberer 2); Suns 20 (Jared Gibbons 8, Aidan Proderick 6, Davin Deptuck 4, Taylor Harmon 2)

Tarheels 40 (Matthew Sutton 12, Sam Playter 12, Cameron McParlan 8, Connor Reynolds 4, Noah Levac 3, Sam Rego 1); Vikings 24 (Hunter Munroe 8, Jack Mason 6, Seth Dean 4, Zachary Sinclair 2, Isaac Couto 2)

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played Wednesday October 15, 2014

Starzz 27 – Victoria Kirby 8, Stella Wheeler-Dee 5, Mary Hanley 4, Jordyn Garrah 4, Payton McIntosh 2, Rachel Oleschuk 2, Ava Stefanovich Thomson 2.
Comets 24 – Cryslyn Cook-Carroll 16, Megan Major Thompson 4, Kierstin Bowman 2, Bryanna Ali 2.

Sting 30 – Zoe McAuley 14, Savannah Medley 8, Kaya Funk 2, Tess Schreider 2, Tiyonna Beleza 2, Madisen Valyear 2.
Sparks 13 – Mercedes Drouin Scott 6, Sarah Hesp 4, Ryan Lily-Fuller-Pierce 2, Bridget Overvelde 1.

Mercury 38 – Nicole Garrah 10, Steacy Gilbert 8, Hannah Jozsa 8, Sydney Saraka 6, Kate Selkirk 2, Cassidy Shaver 2, Kalin Tizard 2.
Storm 36 – Zoe McAuley 16, Hilary Wannemacher 10, Bridget Mignault 8, Mya Lee 2.

Liberty 23 – Jordan Gray 8, Lauren Ralph 6, Bridget Mignault 5, Abbygail Shorrock 4.
Monarchs 20 – Cessalie Pacheco 4, Claya Way-Brackenbury 4, Teagan McConeghy-Walsh 2, Sophie Whitehead 2, Hunter Caverly 2, Lucy Morrow 2,Thea Santyr 2, Emma Lake 2.

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