St. Lawrence Basketball Camps

Here is some information about the upcoming SLC Basketball Camps this summer as well as a link to the web site. St Lawrence has long been a supporter of our league, and this year they are sponsoring five of our players to attend the summer camps.

The direct link to the online registration form is:

Camp Dates are July 7-11 for players in Grades 3-7, and July 14-18 for players in Grades8-11. Cost is $199 per week plus applicable taxes.

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This is National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week runs from April 6-12 this year and what better time could there be to thank the more than 70 volunteer coaches, scorers, timers referees, canteen helpers and executive that make our basketball league happen. Volunteers are the cornerstone of our organization, and without them we would not be the special place for children to learn the game of basketball every season. The Volunteer Canada web site says that Canada has 13.3 million volunteers, and goes on to say “Volunteers strengthen our communities and make our country vibrant. The Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, calls Canada “a smart and caring nation.” It’s our dedication to community involvement that has given us that reputation at home and around the globe.”

Thank you to our volunteers, and if you know of other volunteers in our community, take the time to thank them this week for what they do to make this a better place to live.

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Thank You CaraCo!

On April 3 CaraCo donated their box at the Rogers KRock Centre so that players from our league could attend the Harlem Globetrotters World Tour Game. Convenors were asked to supply names and ten of our players from all five divisions attended. Special thanks to Charlie and Sarah Mignault for generously hosting the players during the game, and thanks to CaraCo for their generosity to our players and our league!

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St. Lawrence “Small Ball” Basketball Camp

Here is a new initiative from St. Lawrence College. It is called Small Ball Basketball, and it is focused on improving skills and fundamentals for boys and girls 8-13. It will be running April 2- May 28th on Wednesday nights from 430 – 6 pm. Camp attendees will receive a jersey and a basketball. Cost is $100 per player. More information is available on the SLC web site, or you can contact Vikings Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Remy Simpson, for further information about Small Ball at: 613-539-1903. Coach Simpson and members of the varsity team will be the clinicians.

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Queen’s Camps

Here are some details of upcoming Queen’s University Camps. Go to for details since the links may not work from here.

Registration Now Open
Over 25 Camps to choose from – your old favorites and some new unique programs too:

Spring Camps
Elite Basketball Training and Scrimmage Grade 9-12
Football Kicking and Long
Snapping Specialist Camp Ages 14+
Soccer Camp (1 weekend) Ages 7 – 16

Summer Camps
Sports Camp (1 week) Ages 8-13
Active FUNdamental Camp (1 week) Ages 5 – 7
½ Basketball & ½ Volleyball (1 week) Ages 8 – 13
And Many More! Click to view all camps

Check out some New Camps:
Little Explorers (1 week) Ages 4 – 6
Boys Club (1 week) Ages 10-14
Queen’s Sports Academy Grades 8-12
Kingston FC Soccer Camp (1 Week) Ages 5-16

All our camps are designed to
develop Physical Literacy — click for details!

We Want to Give you a Free Camp
We will be implementing a rewards program for our loyal camp families – you have been spreading the word and recommending our camps to others, and we want to give you rewards for doing so. Stay tuned for exciting details to come on how you could win a free camp.

March Break Camps – A Few Spots Remain
We are about to sell out! If you wanted to get your child into March Break Camps now is your last chance.

General Sports Camp (ages 8 – 13)
Activities Include: Basketball, Dodgeball, Floorball, Lacrosse, Racquetball, Squash, Ultimate, Volleyball, Walleyball, Wheelchair Basketball, and more. Free swim included. $50 per day or $195 for the whole week!

ActiveFUN Camps (Ages 5 – 7)
Youngsters learn the FUNdementals of throwing and catching through modified sports & games. Designed to develop your child’s hand eye coordination and motor skills. $50 per day or $195 for the whole week!

Why Parents Love Our Camps
Check out what one parent has to
say about our sports camps in this testimonial video.

Copyright © 2014 Queen’s University Athletics and Recreation, All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is:
Queen’s University Athletics and Recreation
284 Earl Street
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

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Banquet Thanks

Banquet Thanks

The following donations were made to the league that helped make the banquet a very special event for everyone.

100 dozen hot dogs were donated anonymously

100 dozen hot dog buns were donated by Grant’s No Frills

25 cases of drinks were donated by Pepsi

A tank of CO2 was donated by Mulrooney Trucking for the banquet opening

The Stage Scaffolding was donated by Colin and Chris Wilson at A World of Rentals

The stage props, costumes and back drop supplies were donated by Bridget Walker-Payne State Farm Insurance and by Payne’s Building Service .

Remember these people and businesses, and thank them if you encounter them in your travels. They make a difference in our community.

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Basketball Camp Information

St. Lawrence College Camp

Camp for Grades 3-7 – July 7-11
Camp for Grades 8-11 – July 14-18
For more information contact Richelle Morris at the college at 613 544-5400 or by e mail at

Queen’s University Camp

Grades 2-5 – August 19-23
Grades 6-8 – August 26-30
For more information go to

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring League

Boys’ League – Wednesday Evenings April 9 – May 21
Girls’ League – Thursday Evenings April 10 – May 22
Games played between 5:30 and 8 pm
Boys League for 11-15 year old players (Grades 6 – 9)
Girls League for 11 – 14 year old players (Grades 6-8)
For more information contact coach Kelly Dixon at

Holy Cross Secondary School Summer Camp

July 14-18
August 18-22

For more information contact coach Kelly Dixon at

Regiopolis Notre Dame / Cats Summer Camp

Camp Dates August 11 – 15
Grades 3 – 5 – 9 am-noon
Grades 6 – 8 – 1 pm – 4 pm

For more information contact coach Lesley Stevenson at

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Awards Banquet Results

The Presidents Trophy: Presented annually to the individual who helps in all aspects of making the league run smoothly, such as scoring, timing, refereeing, set-up and clean up.
Division Winner
Little Guys- Chris Ferrall
Little Gals – Andrew Harris and Zoe McAuley
Girls – Dan and Ruth Wannemaker
Biddy – Colin Bowman
Graduate – Braydon Cordeiro

Queen’s University Basketball Camp Awards
Division Winner
Little Guys – Caden Badour -Wildcats
Little Gals – Stella Wheeler-Dee – Rockers
Girls – Elizabeth Gillies-Smith – Sting
Biddy – Jacob Lawson – Raptors
Graduate – Damian Bark – Hawks

The Referee’s Trophy: This award is given annually to the coaches of the year in each division who best exemplify what coaching in the league is all about.
Division Winner
Little Guys – Shawn Hollywood – Rebels
Little Gals – Mary Jane Bravakis – Monarchs
Girls – Sarah McDonnell – Sting; Sarah Barnes – Storm
Biddy – Paul Medeiros and Pat Adams – Cavaliers
Graduate – Mark Cabral and Jacob Cabral- Warriors

The Guy Wells Trophy: This trophy is given to the male and female players who best exemplify what the league stands for – sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership.
Madyson O’Coin – Storm
Cohen O’Grady – Warriors

The Tony Pettitt Award: To recognize the contributions of a non-coaching, adult volunteer.
Stephanie Charlton and Andrew Harris

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring League and summer camps
Little Guys – Michael Reid – Rebels
Little Gals – Ryan Fuller – Pierce – Lions
Girls – Emily Hull – Sparks
Biddy – Tyler Badour – Vikings
Graduate – Matt Nowak – Heat

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup: This award is given annually to the player in each division who best reflects the spirit of the league format “Just for the Fun of it”
Division Winner
Little Guys – Jude Wheeler-Dee – Tarheels
Little Gals – River Valante-Morrow – Rebels
Girls – Amber Allport – Starzz
Biddy – Quinn Ryan – Ravens ; Thomas Medeiros – Suns
Graduate- Trevor Kirby – Bulls

The Lenny Falcoa Award : This award is given for the TEAM OF THE YEAR in each division that best exemplifies the hustle, team work, and all around attitude that makes the league so much fun.
Little Guys – Hoosiers
Little Gals – Rockers
Girls – Monarchs
Biddy – Raptors
Graduate – Heat

Regiopolis Notre Dame summer basketball camp.
Little Guys – Seth Dean – Hoosiers
Little Gals – Mya Jeffries – Rebels
Girls – Sadie Scott – Sting
Biddy – Jack Thurlby – Grizzlies
Graduate – Roger Elliott – Bulls

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up :
Division Winners Runners – up
Little Guys Ben Mignault and Matthew Sutton Grady McAuley and Aiden Hunter
Little Gals Ryan Fuller-Pierce and Mackenzie Pacheco Claire Brakenbury and Riley Claessen
Girls Lauren Larabie and Calista Payne Amber Allport and Zoe McAuley
Biddy Jack Thurlby and Cole Bollen Griffin Santyr and Ryota Udo
Graduate Carson Payne and Nick Elliott Tyler Bark and John MacDonald

The Gerry Besselink Award : This award is given for effort, respect and dedication to the league.
Colin Bowman

St. Lawrence Basketball Camp Awards
Little Guys – Marshall Gadbots – Jayhawks
Little Guys – Kathryn Day – Rockers
Girls – Thea Santyr – Monarchs
Biddy – Braiden Clarke – Magic
Graduate – Sergio Laranjeira – Sixers

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions:
Age group Winners
Boys 8 years Brandon Tenehouse – Wolfpack
9 years Ben Mignault – Mustangs
10 years Mason Budder – Huskies
11 years Braiden Clarke – Magic
12 years Jacob Lawson – Raptors
13 years Ethan Cahill – Heat
14 years Matt Nowak – Heat
15 Years Braydon Cordeiro – Celtics
Girls 8 years Kyleigh Finn – Rockers
9 years Jada English – Aztecs
10 years Mia Daigle – Golden Gals
11 years Bridget Mignault – Liberty
12 years Claya Way-Brakenbury – Monarchs
13 years Sadie Scott – Sting
14 years Sherrilynn Platt – Sparks
Emma Mitchell – Sparks

Most Improved Players
Division Winner
Little Guys – Ben McGinnis – Jayhawks
Little Gals – Teagan McConaghy – Walsh – Lions
Girls – Mary Baker – Liberty
Biddy – Casey Irvin – Cavaliers
Graduate – Michael Rowsell – Sixers and
Spencer Goodfellow – Celtics

The Most Valuable Players
Division Winner
Little Guys – Grady McAuley- Wildcats and
Ben Mignault – Mustangs
Little Gals – Claire Brakenbury – Tigers and
Alex Cantarutti – Golden Gals
Girls – Sherilynn Platt – Sparks
Biddy – Jacob Corby – Cavaliers and
Miles Brakenbury – Tarheels
Graduate- John MacDonald – Hawks and
Kai Ferrall – Sixers

The Most Sportsmanlike Players
Division Winner
Little Guys – Chris Kerstens – Huskies
Little Gals – Lucy Fritz-Millett – Monarchs
Girls – Sienna Love-Chamberland – Mercury
Biddy – Hunter Munroe – Vilings
Graduate – Nick Vallier – Heat

The Carm Londry Trophy for the player that shares the ball.
Division Winner
Little Guys – Andrew Almeida – Wolfpack
Little Gals – Page Perrin – Aztecs
Girls – Victoria Kirby – Comets
Biddy – Yates Drake – Grizzlies and
Griffin Sutherland – Raptors
Graduate – Domenic Montalbano – Celtics

The Top Defensive Players
Division Winner
Little Guys – Matthew Sutton – Mustangs
Little Gals – Emma Lake – Slammers
Girls – Meagan Major-Thompson – Mercury
Biddy – Carlos Ramirez – Magic
Graduate – Noah Cabral – Warriors

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Little Guys Division Scores

Results of Games Played Tuesday February 18, 2014

Wolfpack 16-Jason Thompson 8, Connor Reynolds 6, Duncan McCarron 2
Hoosiers 6-Connor Campbell 4, Brendan Dalton 2

Tarheels 30-Michael Burnett 6, Johnathan Murphy 6, Antonio Cabral 4, Alexander Circelli 4, Nathan Matos 4, Jude Wheeler-Dee 4, Darcy English 2,
Jayhawks 11-Cooper Robertson 4, Jacob Freeman 3, Jacob Stelter 2, Camden Szumlanski 2

Mustangs 34-Matthew Sutton 10, Riley Webb 8, Ben Mignault 6, Aaron Mason 4, Nick Villeneuve 2, Quentin Avery 2, Finn Rutherford 2
Rebels 12-Michael Reid 6, Chris Saunders 2, Dashielle Giguere 2, Nathan Russell 1, Gavin Doherty 1

Wildcats 30-Grady McAuley 16, Zach Napier 4, Jacob Ball 4, Isaac Couto 4, Connor Claessen 2
Huskies 26-Chris Kerstens 16, Mason Buder 8, Ben McKenzie 2

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Biddy Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday February 17, 2014

Cavaliers 34 (Jacob Corby 15, Johnathan Murphy 6, Shawn Mumby 5, Nathan Jansen 4, Dustin Tye 2, Casey Irvin 2); Magic 11, Grady McAuley 8, Braiden Clarke 3)

Ravens 19 (Braiden Clarke 9, Griffin Sutherland 6, Jack Flynn 4); Grizzliies 14 (Yates Drake 4, Jack Thurlby 3, Kristian Circelli 2, Aidan Tulk 2, Carter Allen 2, Ayaan Hussain 1)

Raptors 42 (Jacob Lawson 20, Ben Jailey 8, Griffin Sutherland 6, Ryota Udo 4, Griffin Santyr 2, Austin Avery 2); Vikings 24 (Jack Mason 6, Tyler Badour 6, Hunter Munroe 4, Ethan Drumm 2, Anthony Couto 2, Lucas Almeida 2, Jack Selkirk 2)

Tarheels 36 (Alan Coates – Lemery 10, Mikles Brakenbury 6, Ben Sagriff 6, Ethan Demel 4, Benjamin Jailey 4, Ethan Kelsey 2, Will Lott 2, Gabriel Peters 2); Suns 15 (Patrick Krasna 4, Sam Forsyth 3, Jared Gibbons 3, Nicholas Hartley 2, Aiden Proderick 2, Jack MacDonald 1)

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