Countdown to Registration 2015

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Thank You Video

Below is a link to a YouTube Video created by Bridget Mignault from footage that she shot at the banquet Sunday. Enjoy this quick recap of the event, and our thanks to Bridget for taking the time to create the video to celebrate the banquet.

2015 Knights of Columbus Basketball League Awards Banquet

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Letter From Canada Basketball

The Knights of Columbus Basketball League has been a pillar in the Canadian grassroots basketball community for decades. This prestigious program began 60 years ago and offers a great opportunity for children from Kingston to play basketball “Just for the Fun of It”. It is essential for our country to have programs like the Knights of Columbus Basketball League to teach children what the game can offer them, on and off the court. The Knights of Columbus Basketball League unifies the community and helps create lifelong friendships that go beyond the court. Participants obtain a healthy lifestyle through playing basketball and staying active which is crucial for their wellbeing. With the Knights of Columbus Basketball League effectively developing the game, it will surely continue to benefit Canada’s future in basketball.
Aleksandar Kostic
Canada Basketball

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Results from the Awards Banquet

Knights of Columbus
Basketball League
60 th
Annual Awards Banquet

Special Recognition of Lifetime Contributions to the League

Terry Fraser
Andrew Harris
Marg Millar
Dave Noble
Jamie Turcotte

The Presidents Trophy: This award is presented annually to the individual from each division who helps in all aspects of making the league run smoothly, such as scoring, timing, refereeing, set-up and clean up.

Little Guys Jeff Hoekstra
Little Gals Miles Brackenbury
Girls Calista Payne
Biddy Stephanie Charlton
Graduate Chris Ferrall

Queen’s University Basketball Camp
Little Guys Zachary McAllister – Wolfpack
Little Gals Randi-Leigh Brown – Slammers
Girls Meagan Major Thompson – Comets
Biddy Ryota Udo – Raptors
Graduate Casey Irvin – Celtics

The Referee’s Trophy: This award is given annually to the coaches of the year in each division who best exemplify what coaching in the league is all about.

Little Guys Pricia Evans and Charlene Henricks – Jayhawks
Little Gals Eric Finn and Mollie Noble – Rockers
Girls Rebecca Jozsa and Ken Spicer – Mercury
Biddy Paul Medeiros and Matthew Vierimaa – Cavaliers
Graduate R. J. Kelsey and Courtney Lambert – Bulls

The Guy Wells Trophy: This trophy is given to the male and female players who best exemplify what the league stands for – sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership.

Zoe McAuley – Sting
Danny O’Conner – Bulls

The Tony Pettitt Award: This award, started in 2007 was put in place in memory of long time league supporter Tony Pettitt and is given to recognize the contributions of a non-coaching, adult volunteer.

Mary Willing

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring league and summer camps

Little Guys Kohl Harmon – Hoosiers
Little Gals Lexi Dunn – Golden Gals
Girls Claya Way-Brackenbury- Monarchs
Biddy Cam McParlan – Tarheels
Graduate Finn Watson – Hawks

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup: This award is given annually to the player in each division who best reflects the spirit of the league format “Just for the Fun of it”

Little Guys Connor Claessan – Tarheels
Little Gals Riley Tizard – Rockers
Girls Samantha Pettitt – Starzz
Biddy Ethan Drumm – Vikings
Jude Wheeler-Dee – Cavaliers
Graduate Xander Olasz – Celtics

The Lenny Falcoa Award : This award is given for the TEAM OF THE YEAR in each division that best exemplifies the hustle, team work, and all around attitude that makes the league so much fun

Little Guys Mustangs – coaches Martin and Lucy Harris
Little Gals Rebels – coaches Zoe McAuley, Sherrilyn Platt and Amber Allport
Girls Monarchs – coaches John Brackenbury and Bridget Way-Brackenbury
Biddy Vikings – coaches Laurie Leeman and Louise Frink
Graduate Warriors – Aaron Elliott

Regiopolis Notre Dame summer basketball camp.
Little Guys Riley Becker – Tarheels
Little Gals Sabina Jozsa – Lions
Girls Erica Lynn-MacNeil – Storm
Biddy Jack Mason – Vikings
Graduate Jarrett Davison – Sixers

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up :
Division Runners – up
Little Guys Winners: Logan Lindo and Dylan Carter ; Runners – up: Emmitt Irwin and Grady Irwin
Little Gals Winners: Claire Brackenbury and Sarah Morris; Runners – up: Ella Take and Melanie Oleschuk
Girls Winners: Claire Brackenbury and Bridget Mignault; Runners – up: Calista Payne and Zoe McAuley
Biddy Winners: Matthew Sutton and Ben Mignault; Runners – up: Braiden Clarke and Michael Reid
Graduate Winners: Carson Payne and Nicholas Elliott; Runners – up: Liam and Emmett Cregg

Trinity Van Heddegem Memorial Award for the Little Gals Rookie of the Year. This award is new this year and was established in memory of Trinity VanHeddegem

Ann Krasna – Rebels

The Gerry Besselink Award : This award is given for effort, respect and dedication to the league.

Miles Brackenbury and Carson Payne

St. Lawrence Basketball Camp Awards

Little Guys Cooper Robertson – Mustangs
Little Gals Page Perrin – Aztecs
Girls Abby Shorrock – Liberty
Biddy Anthony Couto – Vikings
Graduate Johnathan O’Neill – Hawks

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions:

8 years Jake Playter – Huskies
9 years Evan Warren – Jayhawks
10 years Ben Campeau – Wildcats
11 years Josh Tan – Cavaliers
12 years Anthony Couto – Vikings
13 years Casey Irvin – Celtics
14 years Ethan Cahill – Heat
15 Years Dorian Dressler – Sixers
Girls 8 years Bryar McCullough – Aztecs
9 years Shea Vince – Aztecs
10 years Claire Brackenbury – Rebels
11 years Mackenzie Pacheco – Comets
12 years Jordan Gray – Liberty
13 years Ella Muise – Liberty
14 years Mercedes Drouin-Scott – Sparks

Most Improved Players

Little Guys Timothy Francis Millar – Rebels
Little Gals Julia Morris – Lions
Girls Megan Schick – Sparks
Biddy Finn Ferrall – Cavaliers
Graduate Cameron Hoekstra – Bulls

The Most Valuable Players

Little Guys Ben Campeau – Wildcats
Little Gals Jada English – Aztecs and Isabelle Bravakis – Monarchs
Girls Victoria Kirby – Starzz
Biddy Sam Playter – Tarheels and Jack Thurlby – Grizzlies
Graduate Kai Ferrall – Celtics

The Most Sportsmanlike Players

Little Guys Sam Stymest – Hoosiers
Little Gals Peja Middaugh – Rebels
Girls Angelica Purdy – Sting
Biddy Michael Reid – Raptors
Graduate Zach O’Grady – Heat

The Carm Londry Trophy for the player in each division that shares the ball with teamates.

Little Guys Dashiell Giguere – Huskies
Little Gals Melayna Druce-Wilson – Tigers
Girls Bryanna Ali – Comets
Biddy Grady McAuley – Magic
Graduate Mike Hogan – Sixers

The Top Defensive Players

Little Guys Owen Pitcher-Bond – Wolfpack
Little Gals Taryn Grillet- Golden Gals
Girls Hannah Jozsa – Mercury and Cryslyn Cook-Carroll – Comets
Biddy Louis Wilson – Suns and Lucas Almeida – Ravens
Graduate Liam Cregg and Emmett Cregg – Bulls

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Annual Awards Banquet

The Annual Awards Banquet is on Sunday March 1, at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall (Off Division Street behind Performance Imports). Doors to the hall will open at noon and we should be finished around 3 pm. See you there!

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Missing Boot

Below is a message posted here a couple of weeks ago from a Biddy Division parent. We are asking all of the other Biddy Division parents to please check their player’s boots to see if they are mismatched. Mrs. Funk will be bringing the boots to the banquet on Sunday in hopes of getting them reunited with their proper owners. Here is her original message:

“Good Evening, my son plays for the Grizzles, at tonight’s game at 7:30 someone took one of his size 9 kodiak snow boot and left one of their size 7 boot!! I will bring the size 7 boot to next weeks game!! Can u please send me a message if your son has this boot! Thanks

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played Wednesday February 25, 2015

Sting 23
Zoe McAuley 8,Hanna Lutz 6,Madisen Valyear 5, Mackenzie Thompson 2 Savannah Medley 2
Comets 20
Megan Major Thompson 6, Ocean Bowman 4, Crysln Cook –Carroll 2, Taylor Major Thompson 2, Kierstin Bowman 2 , Mackenzie Pacheco2,
Bryanna Ali 2

Monarchs 34
Emma lake 8, Thea Santyr 8, Claya Way-Brackenbury 6, Cessalie Pacheco 4 ,Gilene Graham 2 , Justine Wylie 2,Lucy Fitzmillet 2,Sophie Whitehead 2
Storm 28
Calista Payne 16 , Sydney Vallier 4, Erika-Lynn Mac Neil 2, Hilary Wannemacher 2, Mya Lee 2,Grace Coulter 2

Mercury 25
Hannah Jozsa 7, Sydney Saraka 6, Kalin Tizard 4, , Stacey Gilbert 4, Katie Selkirk 2, Elizabeth Gilles Smith 2
Liberty 23
Ella Muise 13, Jordan Gray 2, Abbygail Shorrock 2 , Bridget Mignault 2, Ashley Mignault 2,Alexandria Mansfield 2

Starzz 36
Victoria Kirby 14, Payton Mcintosh 6, , Jordyn Garrah 4, Samartha Pettitt 4, Heidi Wirsig 2, Jocelyn Danby 2, Stella Wheeler-Dee 2,Rachel Oleschuk 2
Sparks 21
Angelica Purdy 6, Ryan Lily-Fuller- Pierce 6, Mercedes Drouin Scott 4, Baylee White 2, , Kendra Platt 2, Megan Schick 1

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Little Gals Division Scores

Results of Games Played Thursday February 26, 2014

Tigers 19 (Malayna Druce-Wilson 4, Teegan Whitney 4, Melanie Oleschuk 4, Sienna Seaton 2, Ella Take 2, Abigayle Sinclair 2, Rebecca Cronk 1)
Lions 11 (Mia Daigle 4, Emma Maxwell 3, Nell Sykes 2, Brianna Hughes 2)

Golden Gals 33 (Madison Couture 19, Mia Parada 4, Lexi Dunn 4, Ava Cabral 2, Taryn Grillet 2, Mary Drum 2)
Aztecs 18 (Cassey Stretch 4, Shea Vince 4, Raelynne Glenys-Ough 4, Page Perrin 4, Esmee Ethier 2)

Slammers 12 (Chloe Rook 6, Gracie Reis 4, Randi-Leigh Brown 2)
Monarchs 11 (Isabelle Bravakis 6, Olivia DeCouto 3, Lorelei Secrieru 2)

Rebels 14 (Ann Krasna 6, Claire Brackenbury 4, Olivia Whitfield 2, Sarah Morris 2)
Rockers 14 (Seleena Walker 6, Sophia Gillies-Argyropoulos 4, Haley Corbett 2, River Valente-Morrow 2)

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Queen’s March Break Camp Information

We received this information from Queen’s University about their March Break programs.

“March Break is less than three weeks away! Keep the kids entertained and active while they are out of school over March Break. This year Queen’s Athletics and Recreation is excited to offer six, week-long camps with two single day options. Before and after camp care is also available.

Little Explorers
This is the perfect camp for adventurous kids aged 4 – 6. Your child will have a chance to meet new friends, play new games, try new crafts and explore new activities.

Active FUNdamental Camp
Learn the FUNdamentals and basic movements for running, throwing, and catching in a fun, non-competitive, sport environment.

Indoor Field Sports Camp
This is an active camp for ages 8-13 where your child will have the opportunity to learn and play a variety of different indoor field sports.

March Mayhem Boys Basketball Camp (Gr. 5-8)
Instructed by Queen’s Men’s Basketball staff and current athletes, this camp will emphasize fundamentals, skills and drills to build a solid foundation of basketball mechanics.

Sports Camp
This is an active camp for ages 8-13 where your child will have the opportunity to learn rules and the fundamental skills of a variety of different sports.

March Mayhem Boys Basketball Camp (Gr. 9-12)
Instructed by the Queen’s Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach and current athletes, this elite level boys camp will help players improve their game and prepare for the next level.
For a full description of our March Break camps visit

Our mailing address is:
Queen’s University Athletics and Recreation
284 Earl Street
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

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Little Guys Division Scores

Results of Games Played Tuesday February 24, 2015

Tarheels 18
Dylan Carter 14, Riley Becker 4
Rebels 18
Jacob Freeman 8, Darcy English 6, Timothy Francis Millar 2, Joshua Barnes 2

Hoosiers 23
Zach Corby 13, Austin Mooney 4, Sam Stymest 4, Gavin Whitfield 2
Mustangs 8
Pierre Offredi 6, Ethan Dennis 2

Wildcats 24
Conor Murphy 8, Landon Murphy 6, Ben
Campeau 4, Samuel Bettney 2, Brody McCullaugh 2, Brady Kyle 2
Jayhawks 12
Evan Warren 4, Camden S zumlanski 2, Aidan Homer 2, Ciaran Evans 2, A.J. Carscallen 2

Huskies 24
Jake Playter 14, Zachary Klake 4, Ewan Wills 2, Dashiell Ginger 2, Duncan McCarron 2
Wolfpack 17
Owen Pitcher Bond 4, Zachary McAllister 4, Branden Tengen house 3,
Quentin Avery 2, Tallon O’ Neill 2, Max Sotiriodis 2

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