If you ordered clothing from us – t shirts, hoodies and golf shirts – they are now in and available for pick up on your game nights. We also have limited quantities of long sleeved t shirts and a couple of golf shirts left too for general purchase. WE WILL NOT BE PLACING ANOTHER ORDER THIS SEASON.

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Graduate Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday November 23, 2015

Celtics 55 (Jacob Corby 15, Jonathan  Murphy 10, Casey Irvin 7, Tristan Fernandes 6, Mike Donaldson 6, Gabe Peters 4, Flynn Larson 3, Anthony Couto 2, Ollie Take 1, Josh Haberer 1)
Hawks 46 (Carson Payne 12,  Adam Tibi 4, Jarrett Davison 6, Ethan Gillies-Smith 6, Noah Cabrera 4, Chris Hannah 5, Jonathan Murphy 2, Kristan Circelli 2, Aiden Jackson 2, Matthew Donleavy 2)

Warriors 55 (Liam McIlroy 22, Jon Albinet 14, Ethan Brazeau 5, Carlos Ramirez 4, Jared Gibbons 2, Ethan Drumm 2, Jack Mason 2, Aidan Proderick 2, Noah Kulich 2)
Bulls 43 (Cameron Hoekstra 7, Isaiah Samuels 6, Ben Morris 6, Austin Avery 4, Nick O’Brien 4, Sam Pratt 4, Jack Thurlby 4, Ethan Kelsey 4, Ethan Gagnon 4)

Sixers 41 (Zachary Cota 12, Mike Roswell 10, Hunter Monroe 4, Dylan Lariviere 4, Cameron McPharlan 4, Chris Jutres 2, Jacob Green 2, Zach O’Grady 1)
Heat 20 (Finn Watson 7, Lucas Almeida 6, Sam Fowlow 3, Joshua Clements 2, Owen Gowsell 2)

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Biddy Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday November 23, 2015

Magic 38 (Levi Prost 8, Grady McAuley 8, Bill McIlroy 4, Maxwell Minicola 4, Cameron Scott 4, Emmitt Irwin 2, Pierre Offredi 2, Aaren Beleza 2, Angelo Agostino 2, Conor Murphy 2); Raptors 20 (Michael Reid 10, Zachary Flake 6, Ben McGinnis 4)

Suns 43 (Matthew Sutton 15, T. J. Tapper 8, Dylan Graham 6, Archie French 4, Sam Stymest 4, Delai Afidenyo 4, Austin Mooney 2); Vikings 16 (Zach Corby 4, Hunter Freeman 4, Evan Warren 2, William LeBlancq 2, Quintin Avery 2, Isaac Couto 2)

Cavaliers 40 (Chris Kerstens 18, Riley Webb 6, Matti Saraka 6, Tristan Prescott 2, Benjamin Hyde 2, Duncan McCarron 2, Graydon Garrett 2, Jude Wheeler – Dee 2); Ravens 22 (Michael Burnett 8, Aidan Williams 6, Nigel Flynn 4, Brody McCullough 4)

Tarheels 36 (Sam Playter 11, Ben Mignault 7, Seth Dean 4, Brady Henniger 4, Cole Carter 4, Adam Nuttall 3, Alec Goodwin 2, Owen Pitcher-Bond 1); Grizzlies 27 (Josh Tan 14, Finn Ferrall 8, Caden Badour 2, Connor Reynolds 2, Jason Thompson 1)

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Don’t Forget Dine to Donate at Five Guys Restaurant Downtown

Remember that Tuesday night November 24 is Dine to Donate night for the basketball league at the Five Guys Restaurant at 185 Princess Street. From 5:30 until 8:30$1 from every hamburger sold will be donated to the league by the Five Guys team. Tell your friends, tell your neighbours and join us for an evening of great food and a chance to help our league at the same time. Just click on the link below to see how much time you have left to be there for the start of the Dine to Donate promotion.

Dine to Donate at Five Guys

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Two Ball Tournament Results

Yesterday a total of 45 teams participated in the league annual Two-Ball Tournament before a packed house at the St.Pat’s gym. Here are the results:

Little Gals Champions: Jocelyn Knox and Randi Brown
Little Gals Runners up: Millie DeArruda and Sadie DeArruda

Little Guys Champions: Darcy English and Jacob Stetler
Little Guys Runners up: Noah Benoit and Matthew Mignault

Biddy Champions: Michael Reid and Ben McGinnis
Biddy Runners up: Grady McAuley and Sam Playter

Girls Champions: Savannah Medley and Maddy Valyear
Girls Runners up: Calista Payne and Sydney Vallier

Graduate Champions: Flynn Larson and Casey Irvin
Graduate Runners up: Jacob Corby and Jonathan O’Neill

Our thanks to Chris Payne for looking after the music, to Sherri Lynn Platt, Rick Hollywood and Lynne Mason for keeping score, to Stephanie Charlton for handling player registration confirmation and to Matt Charlton, Sean Murphy and Paul Medeiros for managing the tournament draws and game scheduling.

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played Wednesday November 18, 2015

Starzz 30 (Abbygail Shorrock 12, Justine Wiley 6, Melanie Oleschuk 4, , Madisen Benoit 4 , Taylor Major Thompson 2,Rachel Oleschuk 2); Liberty 23 (Calista Payne 6, Adelaide Row 6, Brileigh Bauder-Veley 3, Ashley Mignault 2 ,Samantha Grace 2,Chloe Rook 2, Jordan Gray 2)

Mercury 33 (Katie Spicer 17, , Kaya Funk 4, Kate Duttle 4, Eleanor Take 4, Sydney Saraka 2, Mackenzie Duttle 2); Sparks 20 (Olivia D’Aoust 6, Ryan Fuller-Pierce 5, Sarah Morris 2, Sienna Seaton 2, Natasha Kellar 2,Ryleigh Stringer 2, Kanzy Tarek El Maghraby 1)

Sting 35 (Baylee White10, , Kierstin Bowman 8, Savannah Medley 5, Madisen Valyear 4, Justine Beaubien 2, Ocean Bowman 2,Kate Selkirk 2, Jada English 2); Storm 11 (Calista Payne 5, Mackenzie Thompson 5, Mia Diagle 1)

Monarchs 29 (Cessalie Pacheco 7 ,Emma Lake 4,Malayna Druce Wilson 4, Nell Louise Sykes 2, Elizabeth GillesSmith 2,Tiyonna Beleza 2, Emily Pain 2, Tess Schreider 2,Kate Pain 2,Sadie Clarke Coleman 2); Comets 17 (Stella Wheeler-Dee 8, Claire Brackenbury 5,Alix Stymest 2 ,Lorelei Secrieru 2)

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T Shirts, Golf Shirts and Hoodies

The special ordered clothing has arrived and we will begin distribution on game nights this week.

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Two Ball Tournament Reminder

A reminder that the annual league Two-Ball Tournament is Sunday at St. Pat’s. Doors to the gym will open at 1130, and we will start the tournament at noon. The Little Guys and Little Gals Tournaments will start first, followed by the Biddy, Girls, and Graduate Divisions. I know that there are many family conflicts that will have players arriving at various times, but please help us keep the tournament running on time by getting to the gym as quickly as possible. Report to the registration table as soon as you arrive so that we know who is going to be participating. Thank you.

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Little Gals Scores

Results of Games Played Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rebels 17 (Sadie Watkins-Southward 6, Macy Vallier 5, Teegan Whitney 4, Arlie Mooney 2); Aztecs 11 (Millie DeArruda 4, Samantha Daly 2, Taylor Hollywood 2, Sadie DeArruda 2, Bryar McCullough 1)

Rockers 26 (Charlee Mallette 8, Miranda Steele 4, Abigail Vivian 4, Maddison MacKenzie 4, Shea Vince 2, Taylor Stelter 2, Alexis Qunitin 2); Monarchs 12 (Randi Brown 4, Jocelyn Knox 4, Suzanne Pinder 4)

Lions 18 (Ryley Kirby 8, Ava Cabral 4, Ella Sampson 2, Brianna Graham 2, Vanessa Tapper 2);  Slammers 14 (Rhys Baker 4, Cassey Stretch 4, Vada Daigle 4, Haylie Silva 2)

Golden Gals 36 (Gwen Bertelsen 14, Mia Cantarutti 10, Ava Shaver 6, Ava Handley 2, Riah Hornsby 2, Nayia Skourtis 2); Tigers 4 (Adya Joseph 4)

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Don’t Forget!

Oct28-BasketballBBQNightTonight is the St. Lawrence College Basketball BBQ. Included will be a BBQ featuring hot dogs, sausages, chips and drinks, and free admission to both the women’s and men’s games against the Centennial College Colts. Come out and support the SLC teams – they have contributed a great deal to our program over the years and this is a chance for everyone to see entertaining basketball and support our local teams. See you there!

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