Thanksgiving Day

A reminder that there will be no games played in the Graduate and Biddy Divisions on Monday October 12 because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Games next week in the Biddy Division will be played on Friday October 16. Please check your schedule for game times.

The next games in the Graduate Division will be played Monday October 19.

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Graduate Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday October 5, 2015

Heat 60 (Cole Syllas 2, Luka Syllas 6, Michael Rowsell 12, Mathew Chodkowski 4, Mathew MacDonald 2, Josh Fowlow 12, Jonathan O’Neil 10, Lucas Almeida 12); Hawks 39 (Jarrett Davidson 4, Jack MacDonald 6, Adam Tibi 2, Carson Payne 4, Ethan Gillies-Smith 6, Kristan Circelli 4, Zachary Cota 7, Noah Cabrera 2, Jonathan Murphy 4)

Celtics 52 (Xander Olasz 2, Flynn Larson 4, Casey Irvin 8, Tristan Fernandes 2, Anthony Couto 4, Joshua Haberer 2, Michael Hogan 12, Hunter Ferguson 2, Jacob Corby 8, Oliver Take 4 , Jonathan Murphy 4); Warriors 47 (Liam McIlroy 9, Jon Albinet 11, Nash Hamilton 4, Jared Gibbons 2, Jaimal Naran 6, Ethan Brazeau 15)

Bulls 33 (Cameron Hoestra 10, Isaiah Samuels 4, Nick O’Brien 4, Samuel Pratt 4, Jack Thurllby 8, Ethan Kelsey 3 ); Sixers 22 (Dylan Lariviere 6, Zach O’Grady 4, Finn Watson 6, Cameron McPharlan 3 , Edem Afidenyo 3 )

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Biddy Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday October 5, 2015

Suns 34 (Matthew Sutton 14, Ben Campeau 6, Sam Stymest 4, Ben Spicer 4, T.J. Tapper 2, Liam Baker 2, Archie French 2); Tarhells 28 (Sam Playter 19, Ben Mignault 4, Ben McKenzie 2, Owen Pitcher – Bond 2, Sam Rego 1)

Cavaliers 27 (Christopher Kerstens 13, Zach Corby 6, Jackson Lafontaine 4, Tristan Prescott 2, Jude Wheeler -Dee 2); Magic 22 ( GRady McAuley 10, Emmitt Irwin 2, Pierre Offredi 2, Conor Murphy 2, Levi Prost 2, Max Minicola 2, Cameron Scott 2)

Raptors 15 (Michael Reid 7, Zachary Flake 6, Ben McGinnis 2); Vikings 14 (Isaac Couto 4, Jacob Freeman 2, Hunter Freeman 2, Zachary Sinclair 2, Andrew Almeida 2, Quintin Avery 2)

Grizzlies 24 (Finn Ferrall 6, Caden Badour 6, Jason Thompson 6, Connor Reynolds 2, Lintin Funk 2, David John Henry 2); Ravens 18 (Michael Burnett 10, Nigel Flynn 6, Benjamin Espejo 2)

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Clothing Sales

Starting this week our sales team will be selling and taking orders for “Pete” Petersen Basketball League clothing. Carolina Blue t shirts will be available in short sleeved styles for $15 and long sleeved for $20. There are youth medium and large, and adult small, medium, large, extra large, and XXlarge sizes available, and we have lots on hand. Should we run out of your size, we will take your name, and we will be placing a second order.
We also have golf shirts in “chill blue” for $35 and hoodies in forest green for $35. There are a limited number of these available, and we will take pre-paid orders if you are interested. All sales help to support our program.

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Player Of The Week Happy Meals Are Back!

Again this season Mary O’Neill – Howlett and McDonald’s Family Restaurants have generously donated Happy Meal Gift Certificates for the Players of The Week in our Little Guys and Little Gals Divisions. Mary is a former player and executive member with the league, and she continues to be a strong supporter of our program. As Charlie Mignault said when Mary first did this donation several years ago – “I’m lovin it!”

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A letter to all players, parents, coaches and volunteers

This week we start our 61st season of play as a league, and our first under the banner of the “Pete” Petersen Basketball League. Our motto is “Basketball “Just for the Fun of it”, and I want to take a few minutes to explain our philosophy in the context of that motto.

First and foremost, we are a basketball league. We are committed to helping our players learn the fundamentals and the skills of the game in an atmosphere where playing time is equalized within the flow of the game, and where we will keep no standings and have no playoffs. We want the experience each season to be positive one for our players.

Many who don’t know our program, refer to us as “non-competitive”. That is not true. We will have competitive games as long as there is a scoreboard, because it is important for children to learn that all games deserve the best effort possible from everyone involved. We will continue to celebrate that effort, and encourage our players to do their best on the court. We will celebrate with sportsmanship at the end of every contest, and congratulate each other on a job well done.

Our coaches and executive are committed to make the experience this season a positive one for everyone involved, regardless of skill level. Basketball is a wonderful game, and a game that you can stay involved with your entire life. Pete Petersen taught us that teaching children how much fun the game can be is paramount, but he also taught us to teach the game’s fundamentals, and celebrate the first career basket, and the great assist, as much or more than the victory when the final horn sounds.

Enjoy the experience with the league that Pete built. We are all looking forward to sharing these “first” experiences. We have 500 players and close to 100 volunteers who are anxious to get started. Let’s have a great season, celebrate all the smiles, all of the laughter, and all of the “firsts” together.

Roland Billings
League President
Boost P

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St. Lawrence College Men’s Basketball Schedule

Below is the St. Lawrence College Men’s Basketball Schedule for this season. They are hosting their annual tournament this weekend so if anyone knows how they did last night, and when they play today please post a comment on our Facebook page. The team plays exciting basketball and the games are always fun to watch. Coach Smith’s teams and the college have always been strong supporters of our program and I encourage you to support them too.

DATE TIME Opponent
Fri.Sept.25/15 7:00pm St.Lawrence Tour.(John Abbott)
Sat.Sept.26/15 St.Lawrence Tour.
Sun.Sept.27/15 St.Lawrence Tour.
Fri. Oct. 23/15 7:00pm Fleming
Sat.Oct 31/15 4:00pm Georgian
Fri.Nov.20/15 8:00pm Centennial
Sat.Nov.21/15 6:00pm Canadore
Wed.Dec.2/15 8:00pm Durham
Sat.Jan.16/16 3:00pm Algonquin
Sun.Jan.17/16 2:00pm LaCite
Sat.Jan.30/16 3:00pm Seneca
Wed.Feb.3/16 8:00pm Loyalist
Fri.Feb.12/16 8:00pm George Brown

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Basketball Donation

This week we received a donation of two new leather basketballs from George Billings. George now lives in Florida, and for many years he coached in our program. His son Adam and daughter Mandy also played in the league, and the family continues to follow us on Facebook. Thanks George for this very generous gift!

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Player Notification

If you are a registered player and you have not heard what team you are on by Sunday at noon please let me know through this page or by e mail at and I will notify the convenors.

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Practice Schedule 2015

Below are the practice schedules for next week. Players are being notified as to what teams they are on over the next few days. Two teams practice in each time slot.

Graduate – Monday September 28 at Cathedral

530-630- Warriors and Sixers
630-730- Heat and Bulls
730-830- Hawks and Celtics

Biddy – Monday September 28 at St. Pat’s

600-645 – Tarheels and Magic
645-730 – Cavaliers and Suns
730-815 – Raptors and Vikings
815-900- Grizzlies and Ravens

Little Guys – Tuesday September 29 at St. Pat’s

600-645- Jayhawks and Wolfpack
645-730- Tarheels and Mustangs
730-815- Huskies and Wildcats
815-900- Rebels and Hoosiers

Girls – Wednesday September 30 at St. Pat’s

600-645- Mercury and Liberty
645-730- Sting and Starzz
730-815- Comets and Storm
815-900- Sparks and Monarchs

Little Gals – Thursday October 1 at St. Pat’s

600-645- Tigers and Rockers
645-730- Golden Gals and Slammers
730-815- Lions and Monarchs
815-900- Rebels and Aztecs

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