Knights of Columbus Basketball League

In 1954 four teams and 40 players under the guidance of Donald “Pete” Petersen started a tradition that grows stronger every year. The league started at St. Patrick’s School now includes Ecole Cathedrale and 38 teams, 5 divisions, and over 500 participants annually. Our league motto is “just for the fun of it” with no standings being kept and no playoffs but every night features the competitive spirit. A core of volunteers keep the league flourishing and participation is invited at registration or by seeing one of the convenors at St. Patrick’s School during the league season which runs from September to late March.

Purpose of the League
The purpose of the league is to provide the opportunity for any person, between the ages of 8-14, to learn the skills, sportsmanship, and above all, the fun that basketball can be. The league is to promote, govern, and develop the game for these young people.

More Than A Slogan
The motto Just For The Fun of It is more than just a saying. The league is about having fun and learning the game of basketball. The importance of winning comes second to the importance of enjoying the game. This league is unlike any other in it’s determination to ensure every individual player is having fun and learning the fundamentals of basketball.

League Founder Don ‘Pete’ Peterson

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