Registration 2016

Date: Saturday September 10, 2016
Place: St. Patrick School, 158 Patrick Street
Time: 9-10:30am (don’t forget that space is limited)

Cost: $10 for the season

All ages are the age that the player will be on April 1, 2017
Little Guys – Boys 8-10 (Tuesday nights)
Biddy – Boys 11-12 (Monday nights)
Graduate – Boys 13-15 (Monday nights at Ecole Cathedrale)
Little Gals – girls 8-10 (Thursday nights)
Girls – girls 11-14 (Wednesday nights)
All games at St. Pat’s with the exception of the Graduate Division.
Proof of age for the player required to register.

THERE IS NO ONLINE OR PRE REGISTRATION. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. If you cannot be there, someone else can register your child for you, and you will then need to sign the permission form prior to the player participating in any activities.

Sunday February 28, 2016 – Annual Banquet and Hot Dog Feast

On Sunday February 28 the league will celebrate our the conclusion of our 61st season with our awards banquet and hot dog feast. The doors to Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall (off Division Street behind Performance Imports) will open at noon and the food will start to be distributed shortly after that. The awards will be finished by 3 pm. The whole family is invited to attend this event, and there are always lots of surprises. For those that do not prefer traditional hot dogs, there are always vegetarian hot dogs available.

Friday November 20 – St. Lawrence College Basketball Barbeque – Once again this year the St. Lawrence College men’s and women’s basketball teams are inviting our players and their families to a FREE barbeque and basketball evening at the college. Game times are 6 and 8 pm and admission is free as the Vikings take on the Centennial College Colts. Our thanks to the college for their support and commitment to our program and to the community.

Sunday November 22 – The Annual League Two Ball Tournament will take place at St. Pat’s School starting at noon. Doors will open at 1130 for warmups and entry confirmation. The format will be demonstrated at games the week prior to the event, but here is what you need to know: 1)We will have five different tournaments – one for each division of the league. 2) Your team of two players must be from the division that you play in, but it can be from players on any team within the division. 3) We will play music for a one minute “game” and the team that gets the most points from the designated shooting spots on the floor will advance in the tournament. 4) You are guaranteed at least two games. 5) you can’t shoot from the same spot on the floor two times in a row as a team or as an individual – move around! Entry forms will be available at the gym office at St. Pat’s the week before the tournament. Graduate division teams can register at St. Pat’s that week, or on the 22nd at the tournament.

Tuesday November 24 – “Dine To Donate” at the Five Guys Restaurant Downtown. On Tuesday November 24th from 530-830 a portion of all sales at the Five Guys Restaurant downtown (Princess Street between Montreal and Bagot Street) will be donated directly to our basketball league. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the burgers and hand cut fries at Five Guys, while supporting the league. We will have additional flyers giving details in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime – make plans to “Dine to Donate”!


St. Lawrence College Basketball BBQ

Again this year ST. Lawrence College is hosting our players for a basketball double header and BBQ at the college. There is no charge for the BBQ and free admission to the women’s and men’s games against the Centennial College Colts. PLEASE NOTE THE DATE: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2015. The e mail poster that was sent out yesterday says Saturday, but the game is on Friday.


Registration 2015

Registration for the 2015-16 season will be on Saturday September 12, 2015 at St. Patrick’s School, 158 Patrick Street from 9-10:30 am. Cost for the season is $10 per player. 
Age groups and game nights for next season are as follows: 
Little Guys Division – Boys 8-10 – Tuesday nights at St. Pat’s
Biddy Division – Boys 11-12 – Monday nights at St. Pat’s
Graduate Division – Boys 13-15 – Monday nights at Ecole Cathedrale
Little Gals Division – Girls 8-10 – Thursday nights at St.Pat’s
Girls Division – Girls 11-14 – Wednesday nights at St. Pat’s
All ages for the upcoming season are the age that the player will be on April 1, 2016




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